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Climate Science: From One Non-Scientist to Another

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Be it resolved: the Climate Crisis is no hoax, nor is it a part of our Earth’s natural cycle. The Climate Change we are currently experiencing is real, it is manmade and it requires a global response.

This position is shared not only by an overwhelming majority of climate scientists but by every major scientific or academic institution on planet Earth today, from NASA to MIT to Harvard University to you name it.

It is a view shared by intellectual and socio-political icons such as Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, the Pentagon and the Rockefeller family.

The science of Climate Change rests upon a 97% consensus of peer-reviewed scientific papers, representing the efforts of several thousands of climate scientists from 195 countries.

“Peer-Review” is a bedrock principle of all modern science and means that these papers are exhaustively examined, poked and prodded by experts from that scientific discipline. 97% is considered an overwhelming consensus within the scientific community.

The 3% of climate papers that are outside of the global consensus aren’t standing up very well to subsequent scrutiny.

For us laymen to allege that climate scientists have got it wrong or have missed some salient point to which we ourselves are somehow privy to is an audacious and unlikely claim.

Should we be relying on other sources, as is likely, we would want to be certain those sources are in some way relatable to the esteemed individuals and institutions mentioned above and not laymen, editorialists, conspiracy theorists or Trumpist yahoos

Though there are indeed a *very* small handful of bonafide scientists that disagree with the consensus view, your first step would be to ensure they are within their area of expertise when commenting. One’s training and area of expertise are just as important in science as they are construction, for example. A structural engineer is no more qualified to stamp a set of electrical drawings than a nuclear physicist is qualified to write a peer-review paper on climate change. Which is why none have done so.

To allege the Climate Crisis is a hoax is to claim a massive conspiracy that has either co-opted or hoodwinked our greatest minds, many of our biggest businesses and leaders the world over.

Famous astronomer Carl Sagan once said that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” At present there isn’t a single shred of evidence in favour of such a hoax that stands the test of time.

The evidence in favour of the consensus view on Climate Change, on the other hand, is voluminous and well documented.

Our SHIFT to renewable energy & sustainable life is the greatest challenge in human history. This debate must leave the realm of non-science so we can step up & Canada may capitalize on what is already becoming a vast, new, global industry.

A shift is coming and it will come to Alberta too. It is as inevitable as the tides. Provinces and businesses (most certainly including oil and gas companies) that see the shift coming and find a way to capitalize on it will profit mightily.

Those still listening to (or worse yet publishing) the laggards, the useful idiots, the Denialists & the Do-Nothingers will be left behind where the backwards folks belong, fact-free & furious, of no use to anyone but themselves, impotently cursing the sun and wind.



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